Sports Massage for Minors

Why is pain management trickier for Kids? 

Because children's bones can grow up to an inch during a growth spurt but the ligaments don't follow suit they become susceptible to injuries. Their immature bodies are not able to adapt to training overloads without negative outcomes. 

How do you protect them from doing too much when all they want is to go out there and play their best game, not taking no for an answer, even when they have had an injury? 

Education is key. During their treatment I use appropriate language to explain the importance of preparing their young bodies prior to training for the overload they are about to experience depending on type of sport they play; I then help them understand how muscles work and how nutrition is key to good muscle growth; I also help them understand that being the best at their game isn't more important than being safe; Finally I help them understand that rest is also part of their training plan. 

As a former school teacher I know how to approach children and help them understand their own bodies, their abilities but also their limitations for a smooth journey to athletic success, most importantly injury free. 

I am DBS checked and fully qualified to practice sports massage therapy with a choice of assessments and massage techniques suitable for every age.

Important Notice: Minors are required to attend their appointments with a parent or guardian at all times.