Soma is the Greek word for "a body living in its wholeness"



Pain is an output not an input, totally dependent on context, all measurements are subjective and need functional measurement. Pain and damage are not equated, because one can exist without the other. Pain can be turned up so it can also be turned down. Pain is rarely solely local in origin, and always part of a bigger picture. Some pain responses are often learned behaviours.

Are you tired of having aches and pains that don't go away? Have you ever thought, "But I haven't done anything to cause this" and yet all of a sudden you have "pulled your back out"? Ask yourself, was this really a sudden outcome of an isolated event or has it been an accumulation of reasons?

Chronic pain doesn't differentiate between age, gender, or profession. Chronic pain may have been caused by learned behaviours or repetitive actions that you are not even aware of doing daily. Do not let yourself go beyond the point of being able to do something about it. Treat yourself to a treatment here at SOMA.


On your first session, we detect and discuss any bad postural or daily habits that may have caused the problem in the first place! Together we try to solve the missing piece to the puzzle of what is it that makes your brain shout "pain". Hopefully, that understanding will help you manage that pain better.

After a physical assessment tailored to your individual situation a therapy plan will be discussed, agreed on and carried through. Finally, after the treatment, we send you off with adequate post care advice and if needed, a personalised exercise prescription routine to help with pain management at home.

What if you being in pain is not a diagnosis of something pathological? What if your symptoms can be managed without the need for medication? Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Here at SOMA, we promise to help alleviate those symptoms with the right type of therapy for you, but if what you need is not within our remit, we will refer you on to the right person. Your health and safety is our priority.