RUNNING GAIT ANALYSIS - How it should be VS how it's offered in a shoe shop.

Yes, good shoes help but there is so much more to it than just the right insoles, or picking the right shoe type for supination, pronation or neutral running style. Shoe shops want to sell you their shoes. 

Do your knees hurt only while running? You need to look at your running technique. Do they continue hurting while you are resting? Then you have managed to injure yourself and will carry injuring yourself if nothing changes.

We use gait analysis so we can get to the bottom of the problem which isn't only how your feet are supported by your running shoes. It's everything else including how much you rest between running sessions.


• 10 second video analysis of you running at two different speeds 

• analyse your cadence in two different speeds see what changes 

• examine any biomechanical overload concerns that may cause a running injury 

• advice on how to improve your running technique and how your injuries might be related to that

Finally we plan to re-train you, that involves correcting form, increasing running efficiency, teach you how to avoid re-injury and enjoy every run to the max.

This is how I personally got from casually running to running half marathons and league races with my local club. There is an art in running and a science behind it. I absolutely love it! Get in touch to find out more.