Facial & Jaw, Neck & Shoulders

Remedial Massage techniques used to help clients suffering with migraines, stress headaches, neck and shoulder pain or with decreased mobility around those joints. 

We start with massaging the muscles on the face and jaw one by one in a progressive manner. This is much deeper than a facial you might have at a spa.

Clients suffering with TMJ, or clients who grind their teeth at night, and have noticed their mouth is starting to look a bit unsymmetrical can benefit from this treatment. 

Tension in the Jaw, causes tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulder. It's a cause and effect sequence. You clench your jaw you damage your neck, you get headaches, or migraines and your shoulders feel tender too.

Your sleep positioning and sleep routine is also discussed during this session. Advice is given to help you choose the right pillow, according to the length of your shoulders, especially if you are someone sleeping on  your side, which is often found to be the cause of a lot of these problems.